The Boss LED Growth Light is the Most Powerful 1,280W on the Market. The Boss Offers the Largest 4ft. x 8ft. Coverage Area on the Market. The Boss is equipped a Side Lighting to illuminate the Shadows Sides Fruits. Also these aren’t all the benefits of the Boss Light that lead to a natural and dramatic increase in YIELDS.


  • Efficacy: up to 3.1 µmol/J.
  • PPF: 3150 µmol/s.
  • Input Voltage: 90-305V, 50-60Hz.
  • INPUT POWER/CURRENT: 1280W (±5%) /5.3 Amps at 240 volts.
  • Coverage Area with CO2 (Blooming): 4ft.x8ft.(1.3mx2.5m).
  • Coverage Area without CO2(Blooming): 5ft.x9ft.(1.5×2.5m).
  • Coverage Area (Vegetation) more than: 6ft.x10ft.(1.8x3m)
  • Lifetime: 50 000 Hrs.
  • Light Distribution: 120°.
  • Light Source: Higher Performance Cree and Samsung LEDs.
  • Dimmable: OFF-10%-100%-130%. 1 ~ 10VDC / 10V PWM signal
  • Connection: Directly to the LEDs or through the controller.
  • External and internal control: Photonica Boss digital controllers.
  • Power Supplies: 4х MeanWell HLG 320 UL8750, 7 year warranty.
  • Power factor: PF 0.98/115VAC, PF 0.95/230VAC, PF 0.94/277VAC @ full load≧≧≧
  • Over current: 95~108%.
  • Weight: 50lb.
    Dimensions: 4x8ft.
  • Warranty: 5 Years.
  • Side Lighting: Swiveling mechanisms for lowers and raises the four side bars.
The Boss produces at maximum power an extremely high-intensity light and requires use of CO2, therefore the light controller offers two control modes:”Main” mode 100% power & ” Extra” mode – 125% power. The”Main” mode at 100% power produces 1,000 µmol and eliminates the risk of light burns to the plants at any height without the use of CO2.

Five BOSS Benefits Over All Existing LED Lights On the Market

First of all. The Coverage Areas is 4ft.x8ft./5ft.x10ft.
The Second One. Only One Boss Light replaces any two other lights no matter what HPS or LED lights.
Third. You’re spending Energy for one light, not two.
Fourth. You remove shadows on the side fruits and increase the yield by Side Lighting.
Fifth. You’ re Buy One Light to Replace Two!

Coverage Areas 4ft.x8ft./5ft.x10ft.

Perfect for Standard Tables

Illumination Areas: Length 8ft.- 10ft. x Width 4ft.- 5ft.

Coverage Areas 4ft.x4ft./5ft.x5ft.

Perfect for Standard Tables

Illumination Areas: Length 4ft.- 5ft. x Width 4ft.- 5ft.

Coverage Areas 4ft.x6ft./5ft.x7ft.

Perfect for Non-Standard Tables

Illumination Areas: Length 6ft.- 7ft.x Width 4ft.- 5ft.

What is Side Lighting?

Side Lighting Technology SSEML (Side-by-Side Streaming Editing of Multidimensional Lighting) improves and accelerates plant development, increases the total quantity of buds and fruits at the flowering stage, very useful for tall plants with large leaves that form shady areas.
The BOSS is equipped with swiveling mechanisms for side lighting. The side lighting bars can be lowered and raised at any angle to the plants, eliminating over 95% of the shadows in the bed. Light is diffused and reflected many times. The result is more even light for the plants and a higher yield.


The BOSS is easy to install without tools and is completely ready to use.
You just need to take unit out of the box and install at your chosen location.





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Our company PHOTONICA develops and manufactures LED lights exclusively for the growing of cannabis. We have thoroughly tested our lights on different variances of cannabis and have found that our product greatly increases the yield of the overall product, the overallTHC concentrate, as well as the density of the product. Further, after the product is dried it remains firm, doesn’t shrink in size, maintains its weight and retains a great scent. Last, we reduced the consumption of energy through the increase of light sources resulting in an increase of efficiency of over 35%.
We would like to share our success with you. The BOSS will increase your yield, reduce energy costs, as well as reducing cost by 35%. The peculiarity of our light is its influence on obtaining a high-quality harvest with fantastic scents. We are proud to be able to improve your performance.

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